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Bend Financial is a Health Savings Account (HSA) technology company that offers tools for consumers and employers to maximize the understanding of the difference between the various health savings options. BendHSA was looking for a partner who could ensure that the design of their product was as differentiated and innovative as their underlying vision.


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A unique HSA platform that simplifies healthcare saving and offers

Bend HSA (Health Savings Account) makes it easy for employers offering HDHPs to their employees, who must control costs, attract and retain employees, to show their options. Meanwhile, employees are becoming more informed and are more likely to exercise choice - but this also comes with confusion. Bend HSA makes it easy for users to understand both their HDHP costs and savings.



Looking to be a disruptor in a homogenous market

Bend HSA needed a partner who could ensure that the design of their product was as differentiated and innovative as their underlying vision. In a homogenous market, with more than 1000 players, there was an opportunity to stand out by creating a trustworthy, approachable experience for consumers.

Reduce the friction of setting up HSAs

To further assure Bend HSAs competitive edge, FM had to determine the best way to take the pain out of setting up and managing HSAs, offering convenience and utility for both providers and users alike.

Allow users to make informed decisions without confusion

Delivering intelligent, behavior-based guidance for users to help them understand their HSA offerings - while increasing their savings and spending them wisely. Bend HSA needed a responsive way to ensure that user needs are being met, relieving their pain points.



A designer showing research results to his colleague



User interviews with HSA account holders were focused on determining their needs, pains and behaviors. Competitive and comparative analyses were done, examining the landscape from an experiential perspective, while analyzing strengths and weaknesses.

A designer drawing wireframes on paper mobile template.



Insights from each participant in the Discovery phase were synthesized, and affinity clusters were formed to identify patterns and opportunities. These organized groups revealed defined commonalities and emerging themes that would inform next steps.

A laptop screen with low fidelity wireframes displayed.



Product concepts were evaluated by using competitive benchmarking as a strong foundation. Using a design thinking approach, FM generated concepts that specifically addressed challenges and opportunities uncovered in the customer journey.

An analysis specialist comparing charts printed on paper with results displayed on the screen.



Prototypes of the frontend were created as well as a mobile iOS prototype. These were user-tested to ensure that they performed as expected. FM also oversaw the front-end development for this project.

An analysis specialist comparing charts printed on paper with results displayed on the screen.





Business Model Canvas for clarity

The FM team led Bend through a business model canvas to clarify project drivers and to align around strategic goals. With focused efforts on a human-centered approach, interviews were conducted with current HSA users to reveal key areas of opportunity and establish areas for innovation.

Developing a design system as a launchpad for success

The deliverables included a fully responsive HTML prototype ready for API integration, as well as a documented design framework that was a blueprint for product extension and evolution.

Integrating powerful potentials of AI and machine learning

FM delivered an immersive platform leveraging best-in-class design practices. Bend HSA stepped away with a more sophisticated tool that leapfrogs other solutions that currently exist, creating a more holistic solution with a differentiated value proposition.



Areas of opportunity and establishing areas for innovation

Reduced the friction of setting up and managing HSAs, and delivered intelligent, behavior-based guidance to help users increase their savings.

Going beyond simply creating screens

Bend HSA’s digital product now offers a modern user experience that is highly usable and sets a new standard of design excellence for the industry.

Using AI and behavior-based logic

Compelling data visualizations that offer a snapshot of all aspects of saving and spending, ensuring consumers understand their benefit status.

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