Smile Train - Technology updates for a global charity

Smile Train is helping to fix cleft palates all around the world every five minutes. After many years of operations, they decided to update the platform they were using and started looking for a partner who could help them by building for them a totally new version of their patient management system.


Agile Development Software Architecture


Java/Springboot Angular PostgreSQL


Healthcare Social impact


Web Mobile


Utilizing data to make a difference

Smile Train is the world’s largest children’s charity that provides corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates globally. The organization receives donations and grants totaling over $150 million a year from donors worldwide. It uses a complex platform which manages the patient details of each of the over one million surgeries they’ve performed.



Maintain access for a global network of doctors in remote regions

Many patients and doctors of Smile Train come from or operate in places with very limited or no Internet access, and out-of-date computers. Freeport Metrics had to make sure the new platform, which would use modern technologies, works in such conditions.

System reliability

Smile Train is a global charity with over one million surgeries performed. We had to make sure that our solution works seamlessly and without any problems. Only then could we make sure that our client can rely on it.



A designer showing research results to his colleague



We conducted interviews with the users of the Smile Train platform to see what the charity’s team expected us to do. We also conducted research on the strengths and weaknesses of their existing platform.

A designer drawing wireframes on paper mobile template.



We brought together the findings and defined the most important factors to focus on which helped us rebuild the Smile Train’s platform. We created a step-by-step roadmap for product development.

A laptop screen with low fidelity wireframes displayed.



FM delivered the criteria for the final product development. The requirements we detailed helped to extend the functionality of the product, and on the other hand, ended up saving our client substantial costs of a rebuild.

An analysis specialist comparing charts printed on paper with results displayed on the screen.



Based on the roadmap and requirements detailed before, our team cooperated with Smile Train’s team to develop the new version of their system, adding new functionality, refreshing the UX and UI, addressing security issues, etc.

An analysis specialist comparing charts printed on paper with results displayed on the screen.



We supported the Smile Train team during the whole process related to rebuilding the platform while also committing to the maintenance of the platform in the future, such as taking care of security updates, etc.



Technology advisory and consulting

Throughout the project, we advised Smile Train on the software development processes, introducing up-to-date source code management, testing, and deployment practices to make sure the whole product development process is performed smoothly.

New patient management system

We developed a completely new version of the patient management platform, perfectly suited for Smile Train’s specific needs. We also performed a technology assessment including a high-level security audit and risk analysis and implemented the results in our solutions.

Media standardization

To make sure that media uploaded to the system can be viewed by all the users, we added a standardization layer. Uploaded content is stored in its original format. An asynchronous process converts them to widely-used formats so that they can be accessed regardless of devices, operating systems, etc.



Platform enhancements

We added new reporting functionality to the platform, refreshed the platform’s look & feel resolved performance problems, and addressed security issues.

Successful product development

The deployment of our product proved to be successful. It met both the specific needs of the client and all the challenges.

Financial benefits for our client

We helped save on significant redevelopment costs by finding ways to address current issues and adding needed enhancements to the existing platform.

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