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Do you have a product idea that will be the next Unicorn? Freeport Metrics has been helping Startups grow, giving them software advice, and raising seed investment for nearly 20 years.


Design Sprint

Freeport Metrics can help you define your product idea with a Design Sprint. Over the course of a week, we will work with your stakeholders to Understand the problem, Ideate the solutions, Decide on the best path forward, create a Prototype and Test it with actual Users.

project team

Need to completely outsource software development and project management? Working together to achieve your company’s objectives, Freeport Metrics can provide a team comprised of PMs, BAs, software architects, front and back end developers, mobile developers, QAs, and UX/UI professionals.

MVP Creation

Every Startup needs to start with an MVP and Freeport Metrics can help you build it. We can help you focus on the core idea of your product, build your web or mobile app quickly, test it, gather feedback and validate it with your users, all within your budget.




Custom Software Development Services for Your Company Delivered with a Personal Touch

Professional Services for Established and Growing Companies

Whether you're an SME scaling up or an established enterprise looking to update a legacy system, add integrations to your CRM or ERP, or create an API, Freeport Metrics has you covered.


product audit

Freeport Metrics has a skilled team ready to assist your company with a Product Audit. We will examine whether your web or mobile application meets the necessary requirements for both performance and the needs of your customers.

legacy modernization

Is your organization burdened with an outdated infrastructure, applications and processes? Freeport Metrics can help you update your software to a modern platform in order to achieve your business goals while minimizing any disruption to your current business operations.

Api creation

Can your organization benefit from the creation of a bespoke API? Freeport Metrics can help you Design, Validate, and Build a Modern API using the latest standards. We will make sure your API is developer-friendly, easily accessible, and broadly understandable.

Freeport Metrics
Freeport Metrics
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We Specialize in the Design and Development of Exceptional Web and Mobile Applications

Product Design

Freeport Metrics follows the principles of Design Thinking to help create or improve upon your product. We offer complete Product Design services including UX Design, UX Research, UI Design, and Validation.

A designer showing research results to his colleague

ux research

ux research

UX Research is about understanding users’ needs, motivations, and behavior via observation, user interviews, and many other techniques. A UX Research specialist takes part in the entire design and development process to ensure a good outcome for both the user and the client.

A designer drawing wireframes on paper mobile template.


ux design

UX Design is responsible for the user flow maps, sitemaps, and prototypes, which are then validated. Good UX Design turns business needs into solutions and enables a seamless user experience.

A laptop screen with low fidelity wireframes displayed.



UI Design is responsible for all the screens or pages that the user will interact with in your application or product. Exceptional UI will motivate users to return again through the creative use of text, visuals, objects, space, behavior, and time, all in harmony.

An analysis specialist comparing charts printed on paper with results displayed on the screen.



Validation is the process through which the interface and functions of an app, website, or product are tested by real end users in a realistic simulation. Freeport Metrics applies all the latest tools and techniques to provide our clients with the best recommendation for optimization.

Software Development

From bespoke modern web and mobile application development to legacy software maintenance and migration, Freeport Metrics is your one-stop software shop!

A developer victoriously raising hands while sitting in the front of screen with code lines.

web development

web development

Freeport Metrics has been delivering impeccably crafted web applications for more than 12 years. From backend development to frontend interfaces, we create fully functional products that will satisfy your business needs and delight your end users. Using modern and legacy technologies (Java, Python, .Net, C#, Ruby, Angular, React), we can support your specific business needs.

A developer comparing the mobile app with the wireframes made by designers.

mobile development

mobile development

Whether you need a native or cross-platform mobile app, Freeport Metrics has you covered. Our senior mobile app developers have a ton of experience across many industries and can advise on best practices for your project. In addition, our talented design team will conduct the necessary research of your target market to ensure your app has outstanding UX and UI.

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Web, Mobile, and Product Design

Across multiple industries and technology platforms, here is a sample of some of the many projects that we have helped to build. Get in touch to discuss what we can do for your business!

A laptop with the healthcare dashboard on the screen.

Bend HSA

Bend HSA offers tools to expand the understanding of various health savings options; Freeport Metrics created an innovative redesign of their product.

Business Strategy | Experience Design | Agile Development

Mobile devices with screens of an asset tracking application.

Item Aware

ItemAware offers a solution combining RFID readers with cloud infrastructure; Freeport Metrics helped to make their product scalable and expandable.

Experience Design | Agile Development | Software Architecture

A monitor with the table of mailing data displayed on the screen.

Smile Train

Smile Train, with annual donations of over $150 million, is the largest charity providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates worldwide.


David Stone

product lead, forager

“FM has been an excellent partner in launching my newest venture, Forager. They've pitched in at every level - from assistance with grant submissions to product visioning and strategic partnerships - and of course top-notch technical delivery as we launched our MVP.”

Brigid Whitney Gallagher

Manager, mingle health

“Kudos to the FM team for changing the CMT to remember how we have mapped files. Consultants named it one of the most successful parts of the submission season! We are a huge fan of this functionality and it saved us hours of our time.”

Rockstep's logo.

Chuck Donnelly

ceo, rockstep

“We couldn’t have launched our MVP without FM. They were indispensable in helping us attract and secure grant and investor funding, as well as helping us get a solid process in place to manage rapid development with a focus on team health. We still consistently rely on them for advice and consulting and look forward to working together again.”

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Software Development Services with a Local Touch

A friendly team of experts and our hands-on CEO are standing by to help your business achieve success. Freeport Metrics has long-standing ties to the Portland Maine area and maintains a local office there in addition to our developer HQ in Warsaw, Poland. Drop by for a cup of coffee and let's discuss your next project!

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Freeport Metrics team posing to the photo of their summer event in the park.
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