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Bangor Savings Bank

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After a successful project together to support a new payroll offering, we joined efforts to add new power to Spark! – the heart of Bangor Saving Bank’s in-house Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The primary objective was to strengthen the bond between bankers and clients by effectively managing client data, allowing for more robust and personalized communication, which improves client experiences.


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.Net core


Bangor Savings Bank

Client feedback

We partnered with Freeport Metrics after meeting with them and discovering our values and work culture are closely aligned. Their breadth of experience allowed them to augment our CRM and sales pipeline applications in two separate technology stacks. As a community bank that takes our customers data very seriously, we have security controls which can prove challenging for some vendors to navigate; however, their team met our needs and went the extra mile to ensure we could collaborate. Our Project Manager, Charlotte, was responsive, outcome-focused, and a joy to work with.

Tom Gagnon

VP, Software Engineering Manager, Bangor Savings Bank


Manual appointment booking

Bankers had to manually enter appointment details into their calendars, which was time-consuming and lacked visibility into user availability. This led to potential conflicts and difficulties in managing appointments effectively.

CRM improvement

Another prominent challenge was the enhancement of the existing CRM system at BSB. Our team was tasked with optimizing the way client information was presented and edits stored.


Integration with Outlook

Our team integrated Spark! with Microsoft Outlook, enabling bankers to schedule appointments with clients directly through the Spark! platform. These appointments were then automatically synchronized with the banker's Outlook calendar. This integration eliminated the need for manual data entry and provided real-time visibility into user availability. Bankers could now efficiently manage their schedules and avoid conflicts.

CRM enhancement

As part of the solution, our team worked on improving the existing CRM system at BSB with Microsoft’s .NET and Blazor tech stacks. This involved optimizing data management workflows, and enhancing communication channels for seamless collaboration between bankers and clients.

Additional features

In addition to the core functionality, our team introduced small team integration features within Spark! to provide a thoughtful and engaging user experience.


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Improved efficiency and productivity

The merger of Spark! with Outlook considerably simplified appointment scheduling, eradicating manual entry and mitigating scheduling conflicts. It fostered easy calendar access for bankers, boosting their time management and task efficiency.

Enhanced productivity

The CRM enhancements facilitated better data management processes, enabling bankers to access and update client information more efficiently. This improved productivity and reduced the time spent searching for data, allowing bankers to focus more on delivering personalized service to clients.

Increased app speed

By automating the appointment scheduling process and improving the CRM system, Spark! contributed to an overall improvement in the app's speed and performance. This resulted in an even more seamless and responsive user experience.

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