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Keepler is the first online community centered around dating, built to help people strengthen their sense of self and find connection along the way. The Keepler community is a place where people can grow and learn new skills, share their romantic journeys and be their most authentic selves. This place provides the opportunity to connect with experts and peers and, if and when they are ready, meet someone new in a friendly, supportive environment.

2022 - now

User, Business and Technical Discovery

Software Architecture Consulting


Product Design

Software Development - iOS development

Webflow Development

Agile Development

Project Management

Technology Used

iOS (Swift)

Backend (Firebase)


Client feedback

Freeport Metrics have been true partners in the creation of Keepler! We wanted a design and development team that would bring their personal as well as their professional experiences to the table. As a result, our app has benefitted from both the freewheeling brainstorming sessions and the structured sprints. I actually look forward to meetings with the team; their energy and creativity are inspiring!

Rachel I. Abramowitz



Dating apps provide experiences that are artificial and do not allow you to truly get to know the other person

The typical 'swiping left or right' on dating apps strips the online dating experience of authenticity and can be isolating for users.

Increasing engagement in the app

As Keepler is a Community app, it is very important to keep traction and engagement high. Users may lose interest in conversations if they do not find them engaging or relevant to their interests.

Sense of security and inclusiveness

The app must encourage respectful communication, non-discrimination, and responsible use of the app's features. Every user is an important part of the community on Keepler, so it is crucial that everyone feels secure.


Welcoming and reassuring atmosphere

By promoting collaboration and a sense of belonging, the app creates an atmosphere in which users are more likely to lend a hand and feel confident in their interactions with others. The app's Ask'N'Give section features an array of tags that allow users to find help and offer support to others. For those who feel overwhelmed, a safe and inclusive group chat called Inner Circle is available at all times, providing a stable, reliable space for users to share their experiences with a consistent set of people.

Inbox availability, Code of Conduct and reporting system

Each user can decide how much they want to disclose and be accessible to others in their inbox to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Extensive Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines detail unwanted behavior to provide maximum reassurance. It also includes a reporting system that allows users to report any incidents of harassment or discriminatory behavior, which are then investigated by the app's team.

Keepler’s community feed has been created to connect people with each other across experiences and perspectives

The three different tabs facilitates a comprehensive and inclusive approach to bringing like-minded individuals together. The “Feed” tab allows users to see posts from groups that they are a part of, enabling them to one-on-one with users who share similar interests and passions. The “News” tab provides regular updates about dating news, keeping users informed and up-to-date on trends and new discoveries. Finally, the “Groups” tab provides users with a platform to find and join communities that are relevant to them, helping to foster connections and build relationships with others who share common interests.

Connection to the wider community is enhanced by our peer-to-peer “Ask ‘n’ Give” feature,

which empowers members to share their wisdom with each other and ask for advice on specific topics. Cohorts, called “Inner Circles,” provide members with a smaller, more intimate group from which to learn and to which to lend their support throughout the dating journey.


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An app tailored to the client’s needs

Our team worked closely with the client's team over 12 months to develop a tailored application that exceeds their expectations. Through user analysis and competitive analysis, we gained a deep understanding of their target audience and identified opportunities for innovation. We designed and architected the application from the ground up, incorporating a range of interesting solutions that users can now enjoy.

Users can now download from the App Store in the USA

The app is now available for download on the App Store and can be used to find connections with others.

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