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We specialize in the Design and Development of Exceptional Web and Mobile Applications.

60 professionals with one goal - deliver incredible technology and design solutions with passion and commitment.

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Product Design

Freeport Metrics follows the principles of Design Thinking to help create or improve upon your product. We offer complete Product Design services including UX Design, UX Research, UI Design, and User Validation.

UX Research

UX Research is about understanding users’ needs, motivations, and behavior via observation, user interviews, and many other techniques. A UX Research specialist takes part in the entire design and development process to ensure a good outcome for both the user and the client.

UX Design

UX Design is responsible for the user flow maps, sitemaps, and prototypes, which are then validated. Good UX Design turns business needs into solutions and enables a seamless user experience.

UI Design

UI Design is responsible for all the screens or pages that the user will interact with in your application or product. Exceptional UI will motivate users to return again through the creative use of text, visuals, objects, space, behavior, and time, all in harmony.


Validation is the process through which the interface and functions of an app, website, or product are tested by real end users in a simulated situation. Freeport Metrics applies all the latest tools and techniques to provide our clients with the best recommendation for optimization.

Software Development

Freeport Metrics specialize in a variety of solutions. As our developers specialize in both mobile and web applications, with Freeport Metrics you can choose which platform is more suitable for you.

Mobile Development

Freeport Metrics has a skilled team ready to assist your company with a Product Audit. We will examine whether your web or mobile application meets the necessary requirements for both performance and the needs of your customers.

Web Development

Is your organization burdened with an outdated infrastructure, applications and processes? Freeport Metrics can help you update your software to a modern platform in order to achieve your business goals while minimizing any disruption to your current business operations.


With a Design Thinking approach, Freeport Metrics guarantees quality software development services to get your project to the headmost place in the market.

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Mandatory Code Review

FM experts ensure conscious and systematic mandatory code review to accelerate the process of quality, secure software development.

Continuous Integration

DevOps continuous integration promotes transparent software development and farsighted delivery practices.

Automated Deployment

Automated deployment helps Freeport Metrics move your software between the testing and production environments faster without human intervention.

Isolated Environments

To assist user validation, acceptance testing, sales demos, and various types of performance testing, multiple secure, access-limited environments are managed.

Testing - Automated & Manual

FM QA experts develop a complex approach to both automated and manual testing to uncover and remove errors.