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The growing trend for webcomics is inevitable, and with it comes the need to build market-driven solutions. Seeing the switch to digital reading, VoyceMe came to Freeport Metrics to enlarge their outreach. Through the VoyceMe website and iOS & Android mobile apps, you can discover free comics and novels or share your manga, webtoons, novels, manhwa, and more.

2021 - now

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Market-driven demand for designing an application. 

VoyceMe didn’t have an application to meet the needs of its customers. A market-driven demand, however, made the company look for a software house to design and build an app for manga lovers. 

“Discover” screen change for elaborate user experience. 

Due to inadequate user engagement, VoyceMe decided to introduce specific changes in the “Discover” screen to make it more responsive and user-friendly. 


Android and iOS applications designed from scratch

Seeing the call to create an app for VoyceMe, we invested in the development process. Our team took part in design and maintenance tasks. We also connected the app with the functionality of the App Store and Google Play.

New “Discover” page redesign

Freeport Metrics faced a need to redesign a “Discover” page version taken over from the previous team of developers. We helped VoyceMe fix the bugs and include data tracking tools (Google Analytics), mp4 in chapters, background audio, and more. 


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Quick and constructive app development process

From the original idea to launch, it took our team 3 months of work to shape up the VoyceMe application. We put efforts into accelerating the development process. After 3 months of work, Freeport Metrics saw the first visible results.  

Users can download now from App Store and Google Play

We also connected the app with the functionality of two major app distribution platforms so that users can experience all the features conveniently. The application is now available in App Store and Google Play. 

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