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Mingle Health

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Freeport Metrics crossed paths with Mingle Health in order to help improve the quality of healthcare and patient outcomes. We focused on facilitating healthcare providers with the possibility to easily and accurately report data to Medicare’s Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), so as to optimize their ratings and reimbursements. Having improved the platform together with their in-house development team, Mingle Health became the second largest analytics player in this market.


Business Strategy

Agile Development

Software Architecture


Technology Used


Azure Web Services

Microsoft .NET (C#)

Microsoft SQL Server


Mingle Health

Client feedback

Kudos to the FM team for changing the CMT to remember how we have mapped files. Consultants named it one of the most successful parts of the submission season! We are a huge fan of this functionality and it saved us hours of our time.

Brigid Whitney Gallagher

Mingle Health



Scalable Platform

Building a scalable and adaptable platform to support a growing customer base and evolving regulatory requirements.

EHR Integration

Integrating the platform with customers' electronic healthcare records (EHR) systems, ensuring data security and compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards.



System Scalability Enhancement

We worked closely with Mingle Health's in-house development team, using Agile processes to design, build, and roll out the platform improvements every two weeks, enabling the system to effectively scale and adapt to changing regulatory requirements.

Ensuring Data Security

Our team of professional software architects, developers, and quality assurance specialists ensured data security and HIPAA compliance when interfacing the platform with EHR systems and submitting the data electronically to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) systems.


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Mingle Health Expansion

Mingle Health became the second-largest player in the PQRS reporting market. With this growth, it was capable of continuously scaling to support more customers and comply with evolving regulatory changes.

Strengthening Mingle Health's Mission

As strong partners with Mingle Health's executive team, we leveraged our experience in business intelligence and data analysis to further their mission to improve care, lower costs, and transform medical practices. Together, we continued to envision and implement platform improvements and additional offerings.

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