Case Study

Community Health Options

Community Health Options is a non-profit health insurance company serving individuals, families, and businesses in Maine. With a significant focus on the well-being of their community, CHO provides high-quality healthcare and sells its products through online portals. The company needed a new member platform redesign to ensure better healthcare solutions. And the Freeport Metrics team came up with an idea.

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Software Architecture Consulting

Experience Design

Agile Development

Project Management

User, Business and Technical Discovery

Technology Used

SQL, Server


.NET Core 2.2

Angular 7

Umbraco CMS

Client feedback

“They are very proactive and thoughtful about constraints and potential roadblock”

Will Kilbreth

CIO Community Health Options



A need for a new member portal and provider directory.

Having a legacy system, Community Health Options wanted to create a new member portal and provider lookup tools. 

Technical challenges and limitations.

Community Health Options had to implement various software applications from third-party vendors rapidly. It partially led to specific technical challenges and limitations. 

HIPAA compliance to meet the US standards.

We had to ensure HIPAA compliance as healthcare and insurance systems in the US have to meet rigorous standards. 

Stakeholders’ needs management.

Community Health Options faced issues with stakeholders having opposite opinions and needs. The company had to manage stakeholders and keep everyone’s needs in mind.

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Our Solutions


Improved website usability for people with disabilities.

We improved the overall digital product UX. Our Quality Assurance and UX Design teams constructed and tested the site according to WCAG 2.1 level AA standards, which Health Options specified as a project requirement. 

Tailor-made customer experience journey map.

Throughout our careful discovery process with user and stakeholder pain points, needs, and expectations verified, we narrowed the primary focus to a specific audience type and used an iterative design methodology.

Enhanced HIPAA compliance.

The FM team developed a plan to implement the proper code structure and security requirements to ensure HIPAA compliance. This approach resulted in significant cost savings for the client.

Cooperation Results

Successful website launch.

Community Health Options successfully launched its website and portal on time for the Federally Facilitated Marketplace annual enrollment period.

Multi-component development project.

We built a provider directory, and since this was a multi-component development project, Community Health Options decided to move into a staff augmentation model with us. 

Exceptional accessibility for everyone.

The site was designed to provide accessibility for people with disabilities, cognitive impairments, low vision, and physical dexterity.

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