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HealthConnect Networks (HCN) is a leading telecommunications firm specializing in providing subsidized healthcare networks and internet access for medical facilities. With the largest healthcare data and telehealth network in the United States, HCN supports thousands of medical facilities, helping them save millions of dollars collectively. HCN approached Freeport Metrics to modernize their subsidy management system to streamline operations, mitigate human errors, and boost overall efficiency.


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Manual and time-consuming tracking

HCN relied on Microsoft Access and Excel for managing subsidies in medical facilities, leading to cumbersome operations due to manual client search. For instance, locating a client-related document in SharePoint was a manual process presenting an opportunity for efficiency improvements through automation.

Absence of effective tracking system between departments

Different departments struggled to track contract statuses, expiration dates, and categories efficiently. The communication gap led to missed deadlines, project delays, and financial losses.

Legacy database issues

The MS Access database was not initially designed to meet specific requirements but instead evolved over multiple years of business operations. This led to duplicated and inconsistent data across various entries. Crucial information such as data timestamps was often missing, making it challenging to determine when the data was added. Our goal was to comprehend this data structure and migrate it to a new, web-based tracker for improved functionality and clarity.


Redefined Tasks with a Web Tracker

Our solution was the introduction of an easy-to-navigate task tracker divided by stages, steps, and tasks. This system allows users to upload documents, mark dates in a calendar, and tag each other in comments to ensure the team is not missing any details.

Easier Data Management with Azure, SharePoint and Outlook

Integration with Azure Active Directory (Microsoft Entra ID) and SharePoint was crucial in streamlining document management. As a result, sorting documents by their contents, their relevance to topics, recipients, and consolidating all information in one database became far easier. Furthermore, integrating with Microsoft Outlook empowered users to send emails directly from the application. This not only made document attachment easier but also ensured all sent emails reflect in the user's Outlook mailbox.

Maintained Sync with a Notification System

An advanced notification system brought different departments up to speed about project changes, thereby reducing financial risks associated with missed deadlines.

Form Automation

Knowing the stakes of repeated, manual data entry, we equipped the system to auto-populate forms and tables with inserted information. This feature effectively reduced manual errors and ensured data consistency.


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Optimized design

By conducting 50 hours of user interviews, we gained valuable insights into user preferences and pain points, optimizing the design and prioritizing key features. Dive deeper into our design process by visiting our Behance case study.

Automated user flows

We implemented new user flows that automated the operations team's work and facilitated efficiency, ultimately improving productivity and profitability. The new customized business process flow tracker can handle various flow setups for Leads, Application, Reconciliation, and ACH processes in the application. The tracker is fully connected to the notification system and SharePoint, enabling storage of additional documents for any task.

Streamlined Operations

Overall, in a span extending slightly beyond a year, Freeport Metrics successfully guided HCN through the transition from a decade-old reliance on Microsoft Access to a modern, comprehensive task web-tracker. The collaboration between both parties resulted in an improved subsidy management process while ensuring a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly experience for their team.

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