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FoodTrux - Point of Sale

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The mobile app functions as an effective management tool, specifically designed for food truck owners, front desk staff, and kitchen employees. It integrates a Point of Sale feature, enabling users to smoothly set up location, menu for today and process order payments. Being a cloud-based system, it ensures compatibility with all existing iOS and Android tablets, as well as all models of Star printers and CardPoint card readers. Furthermore, the app includes a feature that generates comprehensive sales and inventory reports, thereby empowering food business owners to analyze data and maximize their profits. The app conveniently supports both English and Spanish languages.

Food Tech
2023 - now

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User, Business and Technical Discovery

Software Architecture Consulting

Legacy Updates

Mobile Software Development

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FoodTrux - Point of Sale

Client feedback

FoodTrux began work with Freeport Metrics about 1.5 years ago and the experience has been top notch to say the least. After working with two other software development companies that were continuously way over budget and unable to hit any timeline deliverables, Freeport Metrics has been a breath of fresh air. Having a dedicated team of designers, developers, and a dedicated PM that took the time to learn my business and our software needs, to excellent communication, to accountability on every aspect of each project, to presenting multiple options when faced with budget constraints, the Freeport Metrics experience essentially saved our business and put us in position to succesfully hit the market with new software products. We will be partnered with Freeport Metrics for the foreseeable future and we couldn't be happier knowing we have the best possible team supporting our new software initiatives.

Matt Noone

CEO, FoodTrux


Inheriting the project from a different company

Taking over the MVP app version of the project from another company was a unique challenge due to the lack of proper documentation about the product’s internal structure and the expected functionality. As a result, we had to dive deep into the existing code and essentially reverse engineer the project to truly understand it. Despite the initial hurdles, we were able to successfully acquire control of the project and continue its development.

Utilization of hardware

This project is unique due to hardware that is being incorporated into the development process. Specifically, we are utilizing a POS printer and a card reader. These hardware components play a crucial role in the project, making it distinct from typical software-only developments. The printer is used extensively throughout the project, indicating a strong reliance on tangible, physical outputs.

Card payments

The card reader connection introduced several challenges on the project. These primarily revolve around facilitating card payments and the integration of the card reader. Ensuring secure and seamless transactions is a complex task that requires careful handling and sophisticated technology. Moreover, the card reader must be properly configured and maintained for efficient performance, since its reliable connectivity is a demanding but crucial part of the project.


Technical research and architecture planning

The FoodTrux project solution involves a multi-step process that starts with technical research and architecture planning. This phase entails an extensive study to understand the specific needs and requirements of the food truck business. The information gathered is used to design the architecture of the solution, focusing on the features and technologies to be implemented.

New features

Our team has designed and developed the 'Kitchen view' feature. Previously, the front desk of FoodTrux could only print kitchen slips, but now the kitchen staff is able to monitor and manage the order preparation flow through the ‘Kitchen’ tab. Another significant update is the incorporation of SMS notifications per order, which ensures real-time updates and better coordination between the kitchen and front desk staff. Moreover, we have introduced the pre-authorization feature while creating an open tab at the front desk. Finally, we have added a split payment option when settling open tabs. This allows customers to divide their bill and pay by multiple payment methods, providing them with more flexibility and convenience. All these updates aim to enhance the user experience and optimize the operational efficiency of the FoodTrux service.

Managing legacy updates

Involves upgrading our current systems to work seamlessly with new solutions. By doing this, we guarantee that the existing systems remain relevant and avoid potential complications when the new implementations are rolled out. This approach ensures a smooth transition and integration of new solutions, enhancing overall system efficiency.

Comprehensive testing and audits

Make sure the solution operates as intended and fulfills the necessary criteria. This involves verifying all aspects and functionalities of the solution in the testing phase. An audit is conducted to confirm that the solution complies with all the necessary rules and regulations. It also assists in uncovering any potential problems or areas that need enhancement. These processes ensure the FoodTrux project is productive, efficient, and trustworthy.


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App available in US App Store and Google Play

The FoodTrux POS app has been thoroughly tested and is delivering the expected results. Users can download the application from the US App Store and Google Play and experience the latest features. Continuous monitoring and updates will be implemented to ensure optimal user experience and satisfaction.

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