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HomeNotes is an app for home buyers, investors, and agents who need a way to track the details of each home they view to make sound investments. HomeNotes and Freeport Metrics presented an app to help people record their thoughts as they view a house to make the process of looking for a property more accessible. Users can quickly capture pictures and make notes, including such details, as an address, number of bedrooms, and property price.

Real Estate

Business Strategy

Experience Design

Agile Development

Technology Used

Native iOS

Native Android

Ruby On Rails

Amazon Web Services


Client feedback

“The enthusiasm with which the FM team approached my project demonstrated a deep level of partnership and collaboration”

Stanley Choung



Lack of a functional app for homebuyers.

HomeNotes came to us wishing to create an app that would allow homebuyers and real estate investors to make better decisions by easily keeping track of the details about each viewed property. 

Inability to keep track of details when viewing a house.

Homebuyers and investors alike needed a way to track details of each home they viewed to make better decisions and sounder investments. 

Time wasted on remembering the details.

The inability to remember the details about each property viewed led to lots of wasted time. The necessity to develop an app made HomeNotes come to us to solve this problem.


Business strategy partnership.

Our engagement with HomeNotes began with a business strategy partnership. We ran workshops with key stakeholders to identify the problem, find the target audience, and create a unique solution.

Easy-to-use app for property viewers.

Together with the HomeNotes team, we developed an iOS app that allowed homebuyers to keep their notes and photos organized as they viewed homes. 

Enhanced app functionality.

Working with HomeNotes, we validated the use case for a product like this for real estate transactions, maintenance issues, and rental property management.


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Time-saving property viewing experience.

With a well-built app, users could define the rooms for each home ahead of time or on-the-fly and add pictures and notes quickly, allowing more time to focus on the property itself. 

Accessibility for all parties involved.

Additionally, users could share the property report with a decision maker who didn’t view the house, allowing all parties in a transaction to be well informed. 

Efficient info organization for clients.

Through an efficient web portal interface, real estate agents could preload properties into the app for the clients, so they were ready to add notes and pictures on showing day.

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