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Project Resource Planning

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In today's fast-paced business environment, effective management of Human Resources and Project Management processes is crucial for organizational success. Integrated HR and Project Management software solutions offer an efficient approach to managing HR tasks and project progress, enhancing collaboration and decision-making across the organization.

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Project Resource Planning

Client feedback

Implementing the tool eliminated the need for manual data input, reducing possibilities of errors and making project tracking less time consuming. It also provided visibility of project allocation across the company, improving and simplifying the resource allocation process. Time savings, mistake reduction and improved visibility - this is exactly what our company needed!

Michał Zwoliński

PM Lead


Fragmented data management

The organization struggled with scattered HR and project data across multiple systems as well as tables for tracking, making it difficult to track employee information and project progress efficiently. This fragmentation limited collaboration and decision-making among HR and project teams.

Limited visibility and collaboration

Lack of real-time insight into HR and project management processes delayed decision-making. Disconnected processes, along with data scattered across various sources, resulted in communication gaps and duplicated efforts.

Manual processes and data entry

Manual data entry was error-prone and time-consuming, affecting the accuracy and reliability of project data. This inefficiency also led to increased operational costs and hindered overall productivity.


Unified HR and Project Management platform

We developed a unified platform that centralizes HR and project data, streamlining collaboration and improving data accessibility. This platform provides a single source of truth for employee information and project-related data, enhancing transparency and efficiency across the organization.

Real-time dashboards and reporting

Implemented real-time dashboards and reporting features that provide instant insights into HR processes and project analytics. These tools enable stakeholders to monitor key metrics, track project progress, and make informed decisions in real-time.

Automation of processes

We automated manual project management tasks and data entry processes by integrating with Azure Devops (AzDO) API, enabling real-time tracking of project analytics. This integration facilitates calculations based on time logs for projects from AzDO, reducing errors and saving valuable time for project teams.


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Streamlined operations

The implementation of the unified HR and project management platform significantly streamlined operations across the organization. With centralized data management and real-time dashboards, teams gained improved visibility into project analytics and HR processes.

Increased efficiency

By automating manual processes and integrating with AzDO, the organization experienced increased efficiency in project management. Real-time tracking of project analytics and automated data entry tasks reduced errors and saved valuable time for project teams. These efficiency gains allowed teams to focus on strategic initiatives and drive project success.

Cost savings

The automation of manual processes and improved efficiency resulted in cost savings for the organization. With reduced errors and streamlined operations, the organization minimized operational costs and optimized resource utilization. Additionally, the centralized platform eliminated the need for multiple systems and tools, further reducing expenses associated with software licenses and maintenance.

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