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ItemAware combines high-end enterprise RFID readers and enhanced smartphones with cloud infrastructure to provide a seamless solution. The company was stuck with an external RFID vendor platform that wasn’t scalable. To meet scalability requirements, ItemAware wanted to build a platform that would allow them to expand their services and meet the needs of their existing client base.

2016 - 2019

Experience Design 

Agile Development 

Software Architecture

Technology Used

Java Angular

Apache Flink 


Native iOS Swift 

Native Android 


RFID Protocols


Client feedback

“We had a very complex UI/UX project that needed to be completed within a tight timeframe. We chose FM because it was clear they had the right combination of high-level strategy and design skills. We were not disappointed!”

Dan Freeman

Project Sponsor


Replacement of an external legacy platform with their own.

The external RFID platform didn’t get much investment to be scalable enough and meet client demand. ItemAware wanted to build its solution to allow them to grow or add features over time to fix the issues.

Lack of experienced product and development strategy.

ItemAware did not have experienced mobile or web developers and needed an external team to present knowledge. They faced challenges with both hardware integration and cloud integration.

Streaming large amounts of data. 

The platform required big data streams from hundreds of scanners to be filtered into groups of what is essential to the client. Their external vendor couldn’t support this feature, limiting ItemAware’s ability to meet client needs.


Improved asset tracking. 

FM designed and developed a scalable, sophisticated asset tracking platform and an inventory scheduling software product for ItemAware.

Human-centered and user-focused mobile and web solutions. 

The user-focused components developed for iOS, Android, and web, enabled multi-modal scanning (RFID, Barcode, Manual), sophisticated asset tracking and inventory scheduling, dashboard analytics, reporting, and more. 

Productivity boosting workflow management.

Workflow management, complete task assignment, notifications & alerts ensured efficiency and transparency. It benefited employees responsible for daily tracking and managers who can track productivity and quickly identify issues.


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Expanding product reach into new industries.

ItemAware had successful large deployments with clients, like US governmental agencies and manufacturers, who had used their previous platform.

Successful product development.

Successful productization of ItemAware’s platform means they have seen adoption within major industries while expanding into new ones. 

Greater adoption in new markets and standing out.

Innovations like combining antennas with RFID tags have adopted several large enterprise customers looking to make a switch.

ItemAware’s clients see outstanding results.

ItemAware boasts that they are helping their clients achieve a 98% reduction loss in prevention costs and a 54% decrease of reduction error costs.

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