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MPX is a Maine-based company that provides print, digital, outbound and inbound communication solutions primarily to clients in the health insurance, energy, and sectors. While collaborating with a mutual client in previous years, MPX had seen the results of FM’s UX/UI design work and worked closely with its software engineers and project managers. By engaging with FM to lead this project, MPX had the goal to transform the utilitarian collection of web tools into a new unified MPX Correspondence Hub and Command Center portals. Introducing this as part of its HealthLINQservice and re-architecting MPX's core service API for customers, FM helped establish clear roadmap and processes for continuous product improvement.


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Creating cohesion from collection of web tools:

The MPX client-facing system comprised various separate web apps, each with custom features tailored to specific customer needs. FM needed to redesign the UX/UI and merge these separate apps into one cohesive portal.

Developing a new user experience:

MPX product strategy was focused on pragmatically adding new functionalities over the years per specific client requests, but this approach had an impact on the user experience of each tool as it grew in complexity.

Ensuring visual appeal for marketing and sales:

With its origins as an internal tool not touched by a designer, the UI was clean but became dated-looking and did echo the quality of the secure, scalable engine underneath. This lack of visual consistency and appeal limited the effectiveness of their tools for marketing and sales purposes.

Modernizing MPX's development toolset:

The portal was not utilizing the most modern development languages or design choices, which impacted the scalability and flexibility of the platform in the long run. They required a more cohesive front-end component library and web API framework to allow more seamless future feature additions.


New command center and correspondence hub:

FM designed and developed a cohesive portal by merging MPX's separate web apps into a unified command center and correspondence hub. This included the creation of a global navigation structure and design system for enhanced user experience.

Iterative feature-release plan:

An iterative roadmap with development estimates was developed to guide the release of new features and ensure that development and launches aligned with MPX's targeted timelines and budgets. This approach maximized efficiency and minimized disruptions to their operations.

Future integration enablement:

FM designed a web API that could be implemented by MPX in the first stage of their development. This API enhanced the security and extensibility of MPX's solution and made future integrations with customers and partners possible.

Usability and visual improvements:

FM created high-fidelity mockups of the web apps, demonstrating the substantial improvements to usability. A modern and visually appealing design approach was adopted to align the product with MPX's brand identity and better resonate with their target market.


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Improved project clarity:

FMs' discovery, definition, and design (DDD) process provided MPX with a clear vision of new product possibilities that could support their sales process and better serve their clients.

Development-ready strategies:

The technology recommendations, high-fidelity mockups, and iterative roadmap enabled MPX's developers to initiate development work promptly, ensuring a smooth transition from design to implementation.

Successful product launch:

MPX successfully launched their new HealthLINQ command center in 2022, aligning with their target market and meeting their launch timeline.

Future growth:

Thanks to the solid design and modern technology implemented, MPX's platform is now even more scalable and maintainable, laying a strong foundation for future expansion of the tool and integrations with their clients’ processes.

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