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ShoutBrands offered white-label digital marketing products to entrepreneurs and marketing agencies. Their existing suite included tools for social media management, digital loyalty, reputation management, and proximity marketing. These days, digital marketing finds ways to compete for customer engagement. ShoutBrands has capitalized on this trend with its innovative platform, attracting users from all over the world.

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Client feedback

“Freeport Metrics helped us to reimagine the entire user experience and design of our SaaS platform. They not only showed us what was possible but also how, from a technological standpoint, it could be achieved. Their creative thinking and fresh approach to road-mapping continue to inspire us as we push forward”

Justin Shapiro

Manager, Customer Success


A need to increase multiple products adoption.

We partnered with ShoutBrands to re-envision their offering and seamlessly consolidate their user experience. 

No single comprehensive platform for digital marketing entrepreneurs.

The market was not offering a single comprehensive platform for digital marketing entrepreneurs. Most offerings were primarily focused on one digital marketing channel. 

Overall quality and usability improvement.

We came armed with our design thinking tools and techniques to help them establish a future product vision that would address their needs.


Current customer journey mapping and future forecasts.

We conducted initial interviews with the target audience to understand their motivations and pain points and distinguish two distinct archetypes — eager entrepreneur and cautious explorer.

Features and functionality for a better user experience platform.

Moving from hand-drawn sketches to rapid prototypes, we redefined the entire customer experience, seamlessly combining the previously siloed products into one comprehensive platform.

Digital marketing ecosystem clarified.

In parallel to the qualitative research, we analyzed competitive and comparative experiences to clarify the digital marketing ecosystem and identify ShoutBrands’ opportunity within it.


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High-fidelity prototype.

The high-fidelity prototype gave ShoutBrands a tangible realization of an ambitious future vision in a relatively short time frame. 

One inclusive solution for maximum impact.

With the help of advanced analytics tools, we defined the opportunity for a platform that combines all four areas of digital marketing into one inclusive solution. 

Clear user base understanding.

Our human-centered design approach provided ShoutBrands with a deeper, more empathic understanding of their user base and areas of future opportunity.

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