Outrun Your Competitors and Adapt to the Changes with Us

If your internal team fails to handle the tasks, our qualified experts will provide Legacy Modernization, Asset Tracking and Management, Product Audit, and other valuable solutions! 

Let’s see how we can make your company roll with the fast-paced tech industry!

Efficient Solutions for Enterprises

We are an external team of professionals you can trust! Clear communication, strict deadlines, and professionalism are the building blocks of our work.

Legacy System Modernization

Your expensive outdated hardware can lead to increased costs, data inconsistency, and security breaches. Freeport Metrics will address these challenges by interoperating with new technologies.

Minimum Viable Product

Curb unnecessary spending by testing your new business concept with an MVP solution. We build MVP for enterprises to analyze demand, increase investment potential, and enable fast product release with a focus on core functionalities.

Product Audit

If you doubt your product meets quality standards, we can do a Product Audit to eliminate potential issues and reduce production costs. It’s a handy way to outrun your competitors with a quality product that users will trust.

Clickable Prototype

Poorly designed software products won’t meet the needs of the end users. This is why you need a Clickable Prototype. It helps evaluate design ideas, estimate feedback and ensure appropriate cost allocation.

Asset Tracking & Management

Does your company need to keep track of stock from the manufacturer to the end-sale point? In that case, Freeport Metrics can automate inventory management by assisting with hand-held scanners, barcode systems, and RFID devices to automatically identify and track tagged objects.

Custom Solution

Our team will plan, design, and launch custom solutions to help your company craft a product to win the competition and fit the market.

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Check out our Portfolio

We’ve helped small businesses scale up, test their product and make it ready to sell! Here is a sample of projects that we have managed to build.

A laptop with the healthcare dashboard on the screen.

Item Aware

ItemAware offers a solution combining RFID readers with cloud infrastructure; Freeport Metrics helped to make their product scalable and expandable.

Experience Design | Agile Development | Software Architecture

Mobile devices with screens of an asset tracking application.


Ampion, a renewable energy business. We used our best agile practices to design, build & launch an innovative product on time and budget.

Experience Design | Agile Development | Software Architecture

A monitor with the table of mailing data displayed on the screen.


The Forager team has identified that the local food industry was ripe for expansion and came to FM to build a product that changes the way local food is sourced.

AGILE DEVELOPMENT | experience design | Analytics & insights

Our Clients

For over 13 years we have been working with a wide range of startup clients, so we know how to help your business step up!

A table with logos of our customers.

Check out our blog posts to learn more about enterprise solutions we offer!

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