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You know why many startups fail? Lack of tech expertise and business acumen make good ideas left behind. But Freeport Metrics will make a difference with the solutions for startups.

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Smart Solutions for Startups

Designing a real product and scaling it has never been easier! Creative, efficient, caring! Check out how our company can help your small business fit the market!

Scale your Business

You've caught a big fish but can't handle it? We've got you!
No more performance issues, customer service, or project management challenges. We will take over these tasks and help you scale your product!

Build a Minimum Viable Product

Want to sell your ideas? A Minimum Viable Product can open the doors for your business and show if people are ready to pay for it.
Let's test the concept and see how it hooks the users. We have experts to do the job for you.

Conduct a Product Audit

You don't trust your internal developers? Want to find a professional team to make sure your product is technically sound and user experience maximized? In 2 weeks, we will do a Product Audit and eliminate any usability problems.

Design a Clickable Prototype

You've got an investor to back your crazy ideas? A Clickable Prototype will show how your product works and help sell the idea. Our experts will be at your side to design a clickable prototype and make it pay off.

Our Clients

For over 13 years we have been working with a wide range of startup clients, so we know how to help your business step up!

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